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Since I made such a silly error yesterday… today I make fun of myself.

I spell pretty! All of my friends know I am not the best speller. I really do try, but something always slides by. You know those annoying people that don’t always use the correct too, to, their, and there? Yeah, well sadly that is me. I have learned over the years and improved, but dang I blame Mrs. Miller my second grade teacher for thinking phonetic spelling was eh-ok at that age! Wrong! Maybe you think it isn’t ok to blame her, but I think even Mom does. It all goes to show I make my best effort, (please correct my spelling if you see something wrong in a post) but in the end I just made the letters and numbers pretty.

PS – This spelling issue is why I employ an awesome proof reader when it comes to big projects!

Didn’t your mother ever tell you…


NOTE: Everyone makes mistakes and the first time I made this card, well there was a spelling error. 

Pretty sure I got the spelling correct this time around. I even looked it up and googled it. Also, just so you know I now have nightmares of my lovely spelling errors! Anyways, with correct spelling in place I feel much better. I won’t be taking down the “bad postcard,” because I like the fact that it shows I am human and focus too much on just making the words pretty.

So… have a laugh or silent giggle, yes I spell badly, but oh well.


Work hard…

This has become a new moto  of mine. It comes into play mostly at work! I have learned I am not the only one that has bad days. Everybody could use a little love, because maybe their day was just as bad, so don’t take out your frustrations on them. Just smile, take a deep breath and do your best at staying calm and nice!


This is in response to Friday…

Last week was a rough one, lots of personal stuff going on, but it all got better over the weekend. The housing situation was resolved. We get to stay and everything is positive. This also gave me time to scan all my postcards before I send them out to all you lovely people! Oh and due to not moving we celebrated with trashing the huge retro TV and bought a beautiful new Sony Bravia! Watching a Giants baseball game on it was amazingly clear!

Anyways, enough bragging, hope you had a fabulous weekend too and happy Monday!


The message is pretty clear on this one.

Honestly, I didn’t feel like doing a postcard last night, but didn’t want to let anyone down. Yesterday was very rough! It was a long production day at work trying to finish up our monthly magazine and on top of that we were given 30 days notice to get out of our house. The house situation was for the best, don’t worry we didn’t do anything crazy, our landlords are selling the place we live in and feel it is just easier to not have us there. Oh well, today will be better and that is all that matters!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and happy house hunting to me!