Daily Postcards

Postcard #016

It’s the simple things.

The weather was beautiful again yesterday, (I would shut up about it, but I just went through almost 7 months of winter) so I met Chris after work for a picnic dinner at Donner Lake. The water level is very high currently due to snow melt. You can dangle your feet right into the water which never was possible last year at this time. The lake is still cold, but not too bad, you won’t me swimming in it though any time soon. Doesn’t matter though, I will still be enjoying the lake, the mountains, the weather here… all of it. I am just happy with it here and the people I am with.

I will try and stop being so sentimental moving forward! I think it is time to try and pump up the volume and bust out some type, characters or something. You will just have to wait and see.


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