Daily Postcards

Postcard #021

Since I made such a silly error yesterday… today I make fun of myself.

I spell pretty! All of my friends know I am not the best speller. I really do try, but something always slides by. You know those annoying people that don’t always use the correct too, to, their, and there? Yeah, well sadly that is me. I have learned over the years and improved, but dang I blame Mrs. Miller my second grade teacher for thinking phonetic spelling was eh-ok at that age! Wrong! Maybe you think it isn’t ok to blame her, but I think even Mom does. It all goes to show I make my best effort, (please correct my spelling if you see something wrong in a post) but in the end I just made the letters and numbers pretty.

PS – This spelling issue is why I employ an awesome proof reader when it comes to big projects!

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