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It’s the simple things.

The weather was beautiful again yesterday, (I would shut up about it, but I just went through almost 7 months of winter) so I met Chris after work for a picnic dinner at Donner Lake. The water level is very high currently due to snow melt. You can dangle your feet right into the water which never was possible last year at this time. The lake is still cold, but not too bad, you won’t me swimming in it though any time soon. Doesn’t matter though, I will still be enjoying the lake, the mountains, the weather here… all of it. I am just happy with it here and the people I am with.

I will try and stop being so sentimental moving forward! I think it is time to try and pump up the volume and bust out some type, characters or something. You will just have to wait and see.


Slip n’ Sliden’!

Yesterday’s weather was fabulous here! It was a little warm in the office due to my computer running on overdrive, but outside it was perfect shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops weather. It was even warm enough that taking a dip in the pool or participating in some type of water activity would have been great! The lake is way too cold because of snow melt, but a big grassy hill and a slip n’ slide is all I could think about. I might just have to make it happen at some point this summer.

Here is to hoping the warm days keep coming!


Westward Bound!

Exactly ninety days ago my co-worker, Amanda, yes there are two of us, started her job here at Tahoe Donner. She came from the other side of the country! She now lives here in Truckee, CA aka the wild wild west after moving from upstate New York. She packed up her newly purchased Subi with rocket box, stuffed it to the gills, which leaving the front seat open for her co-pilot Henry (her dog) and set off to settle into a very epic ski year!

Today’s postcard is to celebrate Amanda surviving ninety days of a new job, new place and now to onward to enjoying the fabulous California lifestyle. Oh and also putting up with me on the other side of her computer. All and all I am glad Amanda is here, to girl talk, hang out, be a work buddy, etc…

Hope you enjoying your new adventure and go A-Team!

Hots Dogs and Baseball.

The weather in the Tahoe Region was quite lovely this weekend. It is clearly Summer here… finally! All I could think over the last few days was firing up the grill and BBQ’n, which then throws my mind to hot dogs (all though I don’t eat many) and baseball. The true symbols of Summer. Bogie has taken on the roll of representing the hot dog here. The idea come from Chris, who has wanted to shave my handsome dog with a squiggle down his back and then putting him in a fake. He think it is funny, not so sure everyone would agree. Oh, don’t worry this hasn’t happened and never will happen, but I am humoring him with this postcard.

Hope everyone’s weekend was as relaxing as mine and happy Monday!


Happy Father’s Day!

Hopefully, you didn’t forget your father and already mailed your card… or you at least sent a digital version like me. Sorry Dad, I will put it in the mail tomorrow and you should have it Monday. A day late, but totally worth the wait!

My dad is always flying remote control airplanes and helicopters, so this is my tribute to his hobby. I have always wanted to learn, so this is me pretending I know how. I just have never had the time to give it a shot, also I am just super scared I would break it! I always had a knack for breaking things when I was younger when hanging out with my dad… slot cars, remote control monster trucks, kites, you name it I probably broke it. It then turned into my dad fixing my toy and my playing with his, woops!

Anyways, thanks for being there for me Dad and always fixing what I break!
Love you!