Daily Postcards

Postcard #028

Uh oh…. pigs flew this weekend!

This postcard was inspired by my boyfriend. The kid has been anti-smart phone, pretty much as long as I have known him. He had always said my iPhone was silly although he would occasionally ask to barrow it, so he could check baseball scores, fantasy stats, where we were going, etc. Sooo back to the point, on the 4th of July he did something I never saw coming… got way to excited and dove straight into the lake with with his phone still in his pocket. A very very very abnormal thing for him to do. Woops! The phone eventually dried out and turned back on last Thursday, but just wasn’t the same and was acting strange. So with a little sweet talking about how having his email for work and access to certain online content would be very helpful to him when outta the office or on trips, he caved and took my old iPhone 2 and upgraded to a data plan!

Muhaha welcome to the future Chris!

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