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I try to not sweat the small stuff!

It’s very hard to do though. This week has been hard, but in a good way. Today was magazine production week at work (we produce a monthly 32 + cover magazine), the AIGA Type week event was last night and I have been trying to build a site for Wandering Poste while putting together myCommand X application!

I still have the magazine to finish, but my Command X application is complete! Now to wait to see if I get picked. Fingers crossed.


It’s AIGA RenoTahoe #Typewalk day!

Today’s postcard is a spin off of the artwork I produced for the event. I can’t wait for tonight. It should be a very fun social media experiment our chapter. You can follow the #Typewalk hash tag, check outFacebook event wall or see the final collection of letters by visiting the Reno Tahoe Chapters Flickrgroup.

The idea of the event is to explore the seedy underbelly Reno’s neon and street signage typography. Teams of two are to search out and spot the very best 26 letters of the alphabet represented in paint, print or in the glowing lights of Reno’s downtown. Once a letter is found, take a picture of it with your smart phone and then upload it, post it or tweet it! The goal is to have the most unique photos.We will then be taking the very best of each letter and making a limited edition poster of the alphabet.

Anyways, I am super excited for this event tonight and I encourage you to check out the final product tomorrow if you are unable to attend.


This one if for you Brian McMullen!

I was feeling a little burned out by the sayings, but I promise the hand drawn type will come back. With no type, comes back the illustrations and there is no better place to start than dinosaurs!

Meet Boris the Brontosaurus. He is drawn as a present to my old roommate and friend Brian McMullen who is now working for Uber in San Francisco. After hanging out with him for an evening for fun, I also got to see just how hard he works! So here is my little pat on the back Brian! When I started my project Brian made the request for a dino… so now 35 cards in he gets his dinosaur! Hope you are having a fabulous time in the city and Boris will be joining you soon.


I really like this saying… however it might be time for me to stop with the sayings!

Will see if it happens. I am currently feeling like I am vomiting fluffy clouds, flowers and hugging to many teddy bears. I have been working towards a positive out look on certain situations, which is where these cards are currently coming from. I can’t really help it. Sorry. I just can’t seem to help myself though. I am just trying to help you readers, possibly produce some smiles and it is also a constant reminder to push myself to keep working hard. Something I hope you are doing too!

Anyways, if you feel I am starting to get out control with the motivational postcardn’, please let me know. If you don’t speak up, I will keep producing “the honey to the aspiring designers’ soul.”
(via @mizManzanita)



Today’s card came about after watching the Women’s World Cup game yesterday. It was a heart breaking loss, but it did seem like Japan put their hearts on the line. The trust your gut aspect came from my past goalkeeper life. As a goalie you have trust your gut when it comes to the game and especially PKs. There are very specific ways to read a player and have an understanding of where they are going to shoot! You can’t second guess yourself, you can’t even guess… you need to read the player, have an understanding of where they are going and just trust your gut and go for it!

I applied this to soccer, but really you should always trust your gut. Go with what you think is best and just do it!