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Never Surrender!

Today’s card can currently apply to a lot of things, for instant the SF Giants. It’s only August Giants fan’s, stop being negative, stop talking bad about your team, stop being a fair weather fan. Be true and don’t stop believing that’s what I say and I know @kelee2487 would say the same!

Other than believe in my team, the saying also has to do with me not giving up on this project and a few other things. I need a major refresh, which will hopefully come from my vacation. I am hoping a little travel, beer and European soccer will inspire some fabulous new cards. Oh and one last thing, I have been slapped with a few failures over the last few weeks. They are just reminders to never surrender and never give up, because honestly rejection comes often in life… so get over it!

Side Note: I struggle a little with drawing straight lines sometimes. This type was a little more challenging to get perfect. If you want to see what I mean check out the close up on Dribbble.


Giraffe! In honor the the Doxiraffe!

The card was created in honor of Bogie’s costume contest win at the San Francisco Giant’s Dog Days game yesterday! We were 1 of 9 out of everyone (about 500 dogs + all the other fans in normal attendance) to be in the contest on the field in front of everyone 10 min before the game started! It was judged by fan cheers and we won! The Doxiraffe won! See the reblog below from a fan that pulled the image from the SF Giants twitter feed.

I am sure you are wondering why a giraffe costume? Well if you are a fan of Giants baseball you might have heard of the baby giraffe. They started calling Brandon Belt aka the Rookie the baby giraffe not to long ago. Mostly because he is young and well sorta runs like a giraffe maybe? I am not exactly sure how he got the nick name, but we capitalized on the new nickname and it worked out! Check out photos of Bogie in his costume here.


When you have lemons…

Make lemonade. I don’t have any real lemons, although I wish I had some I would make some blueberry lemonade. However, I am alluding to the saying we all know. There is lots going on in life, let downs, big dreams, looking forward to the future and learning to capitalize on strange situations. Make the best of things and find the positives. If not, at least go make yourself some real lemonade and enjoy the summer! Happy Friday!


Bogie the Seal!

Ok it’s silly, yes I know, but if you pull his ears back in real life he is a seal. I promise. The card however came from our fabulous costume idea for the dog parade at the Dog Day’s Giants game this weekend. Due to my lack of sewing machine this costume most likely won’t happen. Poor planning on my part, but maybe next year we can execute it better. He would have a little cap to cover his ears with possible googly eyes on top too. That part is just not illustrated here so you could tell its still Bogie.

Anyways, enjoy, look for us on TV in the dog parade and let’s go Giants on Sunday. Get out of this nasty August rut.


Bust out of the mold I say! Challenge yourself!

I am always trying to challenge myself and strive to teach myself new things. In the case of this week, I couldn’t be more excited for my calligraphy lesson on Saturday in Santa Rosa. I will let you all know how it goes. My choice to have a lesson (hopefully more in the future) is to build a better knowledge of letter forms and to create a cleaner more polished look for my hand drawn type.