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Postcard #058

Mmmmmm… Sando.

Some how last night San Luis Obispo, California came up in conversation. There are so many things about good ole’ SLO town that I will always love and miss after 6 year stint their for college + being a young professional. I still have many friends and designer-ly friends there, plus my parents still own the house I lived for all but my first two years. I have so many fun memories, but the thing I think of first is SANDWICHES. Ok, weird to you probably, but I now live where there is ONE, only ONE good sandwich shop in town and it is only open on weekdays. There is another one but its 40 minutes away, however it is always worth the drive to PDQ. San Luis Obispo is the land of fabulous sandos. Yum!

Honestly, I have been thinking of visiting for all the great food there, to see some awesome peeps and inhale many sandwiches! Favorite notable sandwich shops…
1. High Street Deli
( Cal Turkey, duh!)
2. Gus’s
(Make your own, always love that they have sprouts and cucumber.)
3. Lincoln Market & Deli
(The Tassajara Delight is a must! The HJ sauce… Yum!)
4. Gourmet Deli at Old Edna
(Turkey & Cranberry sauce… sooo good!)
5. Ben Franklin’s
(A childhood favorite. We always got a sando from here on the way home from Grandma’s in Santa Maria. Not everyone’s favorite, but I love the mountains of lettuce they put on their subs!)

So that is my list. I can’t wait to visit hopefully in the near future!

Lastly, a fun link, oldie but a goodie: Scanwiches


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