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Well I am feel a little up in the air on this one.

I like the saying and I like where the type is going, but I am not sure I should call this one done. I feel like I rushed this postcard. It needs a little more… well something. It just doesn’t feel like it has enough power for the statement. I plan to revisit this tonight and push it a little further, but I thought I would show you where I started at least.

Check back tomorrow and see how I spice this one up. Hopefully.

***Update: I never revisited this postcard.***


Mmmmmm… Sando.

Some how last night San Luis Obispo, California came up in conversation. There are so many things about good ole’ SLO town that I will always love and miss after 6 year stint their for college + being a young professional. I still have many friends and designer-ly friends there, plus my parents still own the house I lived for all but my first two years. I have so many fun memories, but the thing I think of first is SANDWICHES. Ok, weird to you probably, but I now live where there is ONE, only ONE good sandwich shop in town and it is only open on weekdays. There is another one but its 40 minutes away, however it is always worth the drive to PDQ. San Luis Obispo is the land of fabulous sandos. Yum!

Honestly, I have been thinking of visiting for all the great food there, to see some awesome peeps and inhale many sandwiches! Favorite notable sandwich shops…
1. High Street Deli
( Cal Turkey, duh!)
2. Gus’s
(Make your own, always love that they have sprouts and cucumber.)
3. Lincoln Market & Deli
(The Tassajara Delight is a must! The HJ sauce… Yum!)
4. Gourmet Deli at Old Edna
(Turkey & Cranberry sauce… sooo good!)
5. Ben Franklin’s
(A childhood favorite. We always got a sando from here on the way home from Grandma’s in Santa Maria. Not everyone’s favorite, but I love the mountains of lettuce they put on their subs!)

So that is my list. I can’t wait to visit hopefully in the near future!

Lastly, a fun link, oldie but a goodie: Scanwiches


It’s true, you can’t always get what you want.

Maybe you are an impatient person and don’t get what you want, when you want it. Maybe you think you are entitled to something. Maybe you just really want somebody to pay attention to you. Yeah, well, it doesn’t always happen.

I am not really having any major problems with getting what I want, but it’s more figuring out if what I want is something I really need. General problem for some people, right? This card also pertains to the some of the people around me. It’s not always what you want and if you don’t get it don’t throw a fit about it, because in the end who cares. It’s just one small speed bump in life. Move on and put on a happy face.


I encourage everyone to “enjoy the simple things.”

I had a fabulous dinner and design/life chat with my friend Kelly in Reno last night, which sparked this card. We were discussing the difference between where we lived and places like San Francisco, etc. We just kept talking about how you have to enjoy the small things. In our case the fact you can drive 10 min or in some cases less to get to all the things we enjoy, the forest, ski areas, mountains to hike and still enjoy the comforts of a city if we want to as well. I am not saying where we live is better, but more or less enjoy and appreciate then unique qualities around you. Maybe it’s hiking, maybe its riding the muni and people watching, walking the streets with @KarlTheFog or walking out your back door and hearing nothing because you live in the middle of no where! It’s the simple things that make us all smile, so please don’t for get it.

Side note: I original made this card super swirly, thick, bold and very unique and it looks awesome. However, then I remembered you can’t always stuff the content into the mold you want. You must let the content be as strong as the design… hence simple and clear message, need a simple yet expressive design.


Stripes! Zebra stripes? Just a pattern?

I was just having some fun last night. I created a grid a couple nights ago for an experiment and finally put it to use. The idea was just to create a fun pattern, which then turned into a funky zebra stripe pattern. Just a little break from typography. Although, it might be time to start playing with patterns a little more.

PS – Thought of this after finishing last night:  Fruit Stripe Gum