Daily Postcards

Postcard #076 – Guest Artist

Lawren is fabulous! She is a new mom and a freelance graphic designer. She has encouraged me throughout this whole project. Even during my days when I like to try and bestow wisdom on my readers, which is usually very funny to me a few days later. I tend to think I am just crazy, but it’s fun, so hopefully you have enjoyed it. Thanks Lawren for taking time out of your newly extra busy and fun filled life by drawing me a postcard. PS – You get bonus points for using one of my favorite color combo.

Guest Artist: Lawren Ussey
Designed and Mailed from: San Luis Obispo, CA
Portfolio: manzanitadesigns.com - I forgot to mention Lawren is also flower ninja!
Follow: @mizManzanita

Karen had said this quote is exactly how she feels about life. As no two circles are the same, no two day in your life should be the same – variety is the spice of life!


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