Daily Postcards

Postcard #079 – Guest Artist

Steven is awesome! Honestly, if you don’t know Steven you should. If I had to have a formal design “crew,” I would totally include him at the top of the list. He is a very kind person and a great designer, but I can’t tell you what he actually designs. Top secret stuff for sure. I am sooo thankful that AIM, Adium, iChat all that stuff exsists, because it is what makes it possible for us to say hello and share design links. Oh, we talk about life too and strategize. I get pretty sad when Steven has the day off, because I don’t have anyone to chat with about design!

Guest Artist: Steven Hasagawa
Designed and Mailed from: San Luis Obispo, CA
Website: hasidesign.net

Steven’s words to me: “I hope you get to learn by succeeding every so often too!”
Thanks Steven! It’s ok to fail also, but you have helped to prevent that by promoting the project and supplying me some addresses to send to.

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