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Postcard #080 – Guest Artist

Kelly Wallis, not to be confused with Wallace, which is my last name is a new designer/friend from Reno. Quick funny story, I was talking about Kelly one day to a fellow AIGA member and couldn’t remember her last name… ummmm hello, not sure how I forgot! We have the same last name just spelled differently. Just silly. Anyways, I met Kelly after getting involved with the AIGA Reno | Tahoe chapter. We have become great friends and hopefully we will bust out all the fabulous projects we have planned when I return. Watch out for the Wallace and Wallis duo at the AIGA National Conference!

Guest Artist: Kelly Wallis
Designed and Mailed from: Reno, NV
Blog: laremolacha.wordpress.com
Follow: @iamkellyw

The day before the mailing due date for the guest artist postcards I had seen Kelly and she promised she was touching it up and dropping it in the mail. A day later I got a postcard from Kelly from Stumptown Coffee with a sad note saying her cat had knocked over things and her original postcard had been submerged in a puddle of water. (I never got to see the first card.) Due to what happened, Kelly explained she took the safe route. However, I don’t think so at all. She said, “I found it to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing, separating the color and each line put me to peace!” Not a bad thing for a postcard. Sometimes the simple things are he best for you.

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