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Postcard #082 – Guest Artist

Greetings from San Diego via Halleh Abedi! Halleh and I actually go way back. We discovered during our design education, that we had crossed paths in high school. Pretty crazy since our schools were about four hours apart! We had played an epic game of soccer in during NCS playoffs our freshman year. It was great fun to chat about the game and we seemed to have an instant bond. We are both now very far from each other, Halleh in sunny San Diego and myself in the mountains of Tahoe, but we tend to say hello here and there. I was delighted to have her draw a postcard and even more so when I got her whimsical illustration. See below!


Guest Artist: Halleh Abedi
Designed and Mailed from: Cardiff by the Sea (San Diego), CA
Portfolio: halleh.prosite.com
Blog: hallehback.blogspot.com
Follow: @sunshineNdesign

Words from Halleh:

When I was asked to be a guest artist for Wandering Poste I was extremely flattered and very excited. What a fun opportunity to connect with other designers, artists, and people of our industry. Miss Wallace has done an incredible job with this project and including guest artists adds a whole new dimension of fun and surprise.

Despite my excitement, picking a subject to illustrate wasn’t easy. When the possibilities are endless, where do you start? After trashing several ideas, moving past the obvious and back around again, I found my pen gravitating towards the paper and just simply wandering. After minutes of spacing out in my drawing trance, i stepped back from my paper and realized that not only i had a great start to something fun, conceptually it fit. What better way to celebrate a Wandering Poste than the illustration that captured my wandering mind? So, enjoying my quiet Saturday morning, my cinnamon coffee, and my wandering thoughts, I continued to allow my mind, pen, and watercolors do their thing, in the traveling nature of the cards themselves.


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