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Steven is awesome! Honestly, if you don’t know Steven you should. If I had to have a formal design “crew,” I would totally include him at the top of the list. He is a very kind person and a great designer, but I can’t tell you what he actually designs. Top secret stuff for sure. I am sooo thankful that AIM, Adium, iChat all that stuff exsists, because it is what makes it possible for us to say hello and share design links. Oh, we talk about life too and strategize. I get pretty sad when Steven has the day off, because I don’t have anyone to chat with about design!

Guest Artist: Steven Hasagawa
Designed and Mailed from: San Luis Obispo, CA

Steven’s words to me: “I hope you get to learn by succeeding every so often too!”
Thanks Steven! It’s ok to fail also, but you have helped to prevent that by promoting the project and supplying me some addresses to send to.

Today’s post comes from Samantha Wanger of Canada. Like Karen, Samantha is someone I have never met, however we say hello often via twitter. I was very excited when Samantha same she would be a guest artist, because she was my first international address! Yup that’s right… this project has gone international and I now have many others to send postcards to since then. Getting back to it though, Sam is a self described twenty-something graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She bakes, she exercises, she creates and spends some time around the inter-webs. Most importantly she has created an awesome yellow postcard that made it’s way to Truckee, CA from Vancouver, Canada.

Guest Artist: Samantha Wanger
Designed and Mailed from: Vancouver, Canada
Follow: @sammade

From Samantha, “this postcard is a quote from a really amazing politician in Canada who passed away recently. The quote is taken from his final letter to Canadians. – Jack Layton 1950-2011″

It was like Brittany read my mind. I have wanted to let loose and do a crazy doodle similar to this one, but I felt I had to uphold my life themed illustration or type sayings. Thank you Brit, for doing what I could not. Brit like Lawren, is a new mom! I am pretty sure little Griffles might just be the cutest kid I have ever met and that is saying a lot since I have only seen him once! The doodles were absolutely perfect, because with out even reading the explanation I knew why. That’s what makes us friends. Love you lady.

Guest Artist: Brittany Hanson – Soon to be Westerman
Designed and Mailed from: Santa Rosa, CA
Follow: @brit_hanson

In Brittany’s Words: “Now that I’m a mom, I’ve realized I have no time for a creative outlet. These doodles are what I do when I’m one the phone, writing a grocery list, etc.”

Lawren is fabulous! She is a new mom and a freelance graphic designer. She has encouraged me throughout this whole project. Even during my days when I like to try and bestow wisdom on my readers, which is usually very funny to me a few days later. I tend to think I am just crazy, but it’s fun, so hopefully you have enjoyed it. Thanks Lawren for taking time out of your newly extra busy and fun filled life by drawing me a postcard. PS – You get bonus points for using one of my favorite color combo.

Guest Artist: Lawren Ussey
Designed and Mailed from: San Luis Obispo, CA
Portfolio: - I forgot to mention Lawren is also flower ninja!
Follow: @mizManzanita

Karen had said this quote is exactly how she feels about life. As no two circles are the same, no two day in your life should be the same – variety is the spice of life!


Jenn’s postcard immediately made me think of fall. Pumpkins are so great and it made me think of these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I whipped up multiple times last year. I might just have to carve up a pumpkin or two when I get back after seeing this card. Although, I don’t think I can find a pumpkin quite as large as Jenn dreamed up.

Guest Artist: Jennifer Lui
Designed and Mailed from: San Luis Obispo, CA
Follow: @jenniferbliu

Jenn included that she likes pumpkins… a lot! Hopefully you do too.