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Postcard #087 – Guest Artist

Today is the last Guest Artist!

I am sad to see the Guest Artist postcards come to a close, but it ends with one of my favorites! I might have a slightly a biased opinion, but I had a big smile on my face when I got Varick Rosete’s addition to the project. Throughout the whole project everyone’s postcards have surprised me, but I think my boyfriend was the most surprised when he got the mail and found this. He called me immediately to aske if I have met Varick in person. I responded no and then was asked, “How does he know what you look like?!?!” I could only laugh and couldn’t wait to get home to see the card.

It is true I haven’t met Varick. The lovely Thy Doan hooked me up with him (another AIGA connection and hopefully new friend) when I had told her about the project. I am so glad that like Thy, Varick was up for drawing a postcard. I have no confirmation that the illustration really is me, but if you check out my twitter picture and compare…. seems pretty similar to me! Thanks so much Varick and I hope to run into you next week at AIGA’s PIVOT in Phoenix, AZ.

Guest Artist: Varick Rosete
Designed and Mailed from: Atlantic Beach, FL
Website: varickrosete.com
Follow: @varick

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  1. WOOHOO!! I’ve been poste-ed! Yes, to confirm, that is you from yo’ twitterer. I was originally going to draw something really weird and strange but then I thought “what do I normally draw?” I draw characters. I love people watching! I love thinking of their “-isms” and drawing them. Your character in your twitter appears to be that type to have a curious imagination that daydreams about the spectacular.

    Thanks again for letting me play along. I’ll see you in Phoenix!

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