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Giraffe! In honor the the Doxiraffe!

The card was created in honor of Bogie’s costume contest win at the San Francisco Giant’s Dog Days game yesterday! We were 1 of 9 out of everyone (about 500 dogs + all the other fans in normal attendance) to be in the contest on the field in front of everyone 10 min before the game started! It was judged by fan cheers and we won! The Doxiraffe won! See the reblog below from a fan that pulled the image from the SF Giants twitter feed.

I am sure you are wondering why a giraffe costume? Well if you are a fan of Giants baseball you might have heard of the baby giraffe. They started calling Brandon Belt aka the Rookie the baby giraffe not to long ago. Mostly because he is young and well sorta runs like a giraffe maybe? I am not exactly sure how he got the nick name, but we capitalized on the new nickname and it worked out! Check out photos of Bogie in his costume here.


Bogie the Seal!

Ok it’s silly, yes I know, but if you pull his ears back in real life he is a seal. I promise. The card however came from our fabulous costume idea for the dog parade at the Dog Day’s Giants game this weekend. Due to my lack of sewing machine this costume most likely won’t happen. Poor planning on my part, but maybe next year we can execute it better. He would have a little cap to cover his ears with possible googly eyes on top too. That part is just not illustrated here so you could tell its still Bogie.

Anyways, enjoy, look for us on TV in the dog parade and let’s go Giants on Sunday. Get out of this nasty August rut.


Chasing the tail.

So, not really sure why I think this was funny, but I have been thinking about drawing this for about 2 weeks. I wasn’t struck with any lighting last night aka no brilliant ideas, so I used the one I have been sitting on for a while.

The inspiration came from my dachshund Bogie, who has been making regular appearances in these postcards. He loves to run around in our house and tends to run around our furniture. Due to his long body, sometimes he can act like a slinky around things which sparked this drawing. Just a little fun for this Monday. Enjoy.


Up up and away!

Today’s postcard is something about summer I really miss… hot air balloons! Growing up in Sonoma county throughout spring and summer on nice clear days you would always see multiple hot air balloons floating around. It always made me happy and is always something fun to spot. Now living in a mountain town you don’t see them much.

Although I am not a huge fan of heights, I think a hot air balloon ride will have to be added to the bucket list.


Slip n’ Sliden’!

Yesterday’s weather was fabulous here! It was a little warm in the office due to my computer running on overdrive, but outside it was perfect shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops weather. It was even warm enough that taking a dip in the pool or participating in some type of water activity would have been great! The lake is way too cold because of snow melt, but a big grassy hill and a slip n’ slide is all I could think about. I might just have to make it happen at some point this summer.

Here is to hoping the warm days keep coming!