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Hope everyone had a great Holiday!
I choose to take the day off, since most people I knew weren’t working.

Today’s card was inspired by the “River House” that my boyfriend’s company, Mt. Lincoln Construction recently finished work on. The lovely home owners Jules and Margret threw a fabulous party for the project being completed last week. The house is absolutely wonderful. It’s right on the river with a great backyard and the inside is designed/decorated to modern perfection. I would move in or house sit in a heart beat.

The illustration was made after hearing about how the remodel was actually preformed. The house was originally only one story, but they wanted to add on and make it two. So, Mt. Lincoln literally literally lifted the house with a crane and put it on stilts while the foundation was worked on. Stilts! Ok, well not tall stilts like this, but it was fun to exaggerate and the workers had a few stories about a hairy stormy day. They joked about coming back to find the house in the river. Luckily, the house survived and turned out great!

Anyways, thanks for a lovely house warming party and major thanks to Jules and Margret for their Giants tickets!


Hanging out… at the tree house!

I am not sure why, but I have had this really strange song stuck in my head all summer long. Not sure what triggered it, but it’s actually a song from this really old computer game I used to play as a kid. It was called “The Tree House,” a totally classic DOS game. Click here for a YouTube example. It has a little theme song, which is what I kept thinking of.

I just thought it would be fun to draw a tree house. I always wanted one as a kid. My Grampa always talked about building one, but it never really happen. Le-sigh.

Oh well, I did have a zip line though!