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Last day of the camping trip.

I thought I would draw a figure eight knot since the trip is mostly about climbing. There is relaxing evolved, but when you are in Yosemite, you are in climbing heaven and you just have to get after as much as possible. It’s a pretty standard knot, but I thought it would be fun to take a stab at something a little more technical drawing. Yeah I am pretending it’s super technical. Maybe next time I will try some perspective drawing… probably not though. Anyway, enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with live posts not queued up ones!


Climbing: a shout out to Remy Denton

Today is kind of a bummer… Chris’ good friend, Remy, who I consider a good friend too since I met him in December of 2009, is moving away to Boston! He has a new adventure ahead of him and getting to see his fabulous girl friend Ro everyday is a major plus. The terrain will be much different, no more mountains only 5 min away (as far as I know) and of course the biggest difference is we won’t have Remy around time climb with. This winter was rough, making summer come very late which didn’t help anyone climb often before Remy’s departure. I wish Remy the best and I know Chris does too, but we both can’t wait for Remy and Ro to meet up with us in Tuolumne in the August to climb Cathedral Peak.

Good luck and safe travels, Digger Dog, Remy Denton… oh and Uncle Remus.