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The theme of last weeks conference was PIVOT. Everyone had there use of the word and explained possible ways to pivot, but my favorite definition of the word was to “extend your reach.” Yes, we think of pivoting as a basketball maneuver sometimes and many think of it as a way to move a new direction, but it is also a way to extend yourself from one location. I love the idea of the saying and the encouragement we were given to find ways to reach out in new ways. The conference was full of thoughts on how to change your way of thinking, finding new solutions and thinking of design in a new light. All great things. However, my one take a way is apply those ideas of change and new directions, but also to never forget who you are and who you want to become. It doesn’t matter where you live… maybe its a island, maybe a big city or on a mountain… learn how to extend your reach from where you want to be!

I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. I have been very caught up in building the new home for this project. As well as day dreaming about Germany. I promise I will have my game face on when Monday rolls around. 2 more postcards from me and when I head off to the airport on Wednesday there will be guest posts! Oh and they will be here until people figure it out, but they also be on the new fabulous site!

Enjoy and check back Monday for the link to the new site!


Last day of the camping trip.

I thought I would draw a figure eight knot since the trip is mostly about climbing. There is relaxing evolved, but when you are in Yosemite, you are in climbing heaven and you just have to get after as much as possible. It’s a pretty standard knot, but I thought it would be fun to take a stab at something a little more technical drawing. Yeah I am pretending it’s super technical. Maybe next time I will try some perspective drawing… probably not though. Anyway, enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with live posts not queued up ones!