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Thy rocked it out with her postcard. Maybe you can figure out what I mean once you take a look. Thy and I met back in the days of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She and a few others got me interested in being a part of AIGA. We worked together there, but the time was short because Thy went on to graduate and move on. I hadn’t seen her since then, but last year I tracked her down in Salt Lake City while on a ski adventure. There was no epic pow pow, only some awesome rain, but Thy and SLC treated well. We got to catch up, drink some beer and I have been following her daily doodles ever since! I highly recommend you check out her work, she has done some awesome illustration/type work for Whole Foods, SLC Bites, and Bordobello.

Guest Artist: Thy Doan
Designed and Mailed from: Salt Lake City, UT
Follow: @thy_doan

Did you recognize the lyrics Thy illustrated? The words are from The Beatles song, The End.


Today is the day. The last day of postcards until after europe! All I can think about is vacation at this point. It has been very hard to stay focused in the last 48 hours, but it ended up being productive. All the guest artist posts are scheduled and ready. Hopefully, I will have time tonight when I get to my parents house to schedule some tweets! If not though, I hope you continue to check back and share with your friends while I am away.

I will be off to the airport tomorrow waiting for the awesome A380 to take me to Munich, but check back then for info about the guest artist portion of Wandeirng Poste. There might even be a schedule of who’s work you will find here and when it will appear!

Toodles! It’s all automated from here on out.


Only two more days of my postcards. Don’t worry if you are just tuning in I will be back. I am just taking a little vacation time for the first time in years. We aren’t talking a long weekend. We are talking long extended two week European extravaganza. It still hasn’t hit me and I feel like I can’t take a deep breath and realize I am going on vacation with all the work still to do. My day job is busy. My side work is busy. Oh and I still have a little work to do here. Did I mentioned I haven’t packed?

Anyways enjoy the new site and you can find everything about Wandering Poste here. I consider it more organzied, but if you have suggestions how you would like sort the postcards or anything… let me know and leave a comment! Thanks!


When dachshunds or “Bogie” fly!

I say Bogie, because of those of you who don’t know, I have a mini long haired dachshund. He is super cute and very wonderful, however a big pain in the butt sometimes. This card is dedicated to him, because I just wish the impossible would happen and he would stop doing little things to terrorize our house! Yesterday, clearly he was a little angry (being left alone) and thought it would be a good idea to get on the coffee table and chew up a coaster while we were at work. Good idea Bogie… what did that get you, a nice long afternoon in your house aka crate.

Here is to better days in the future or him maturing faster. You hear that Bogie!