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I am sure you are wondering, um… she said she was going to share things from her Germany trip? Yeah well there were octopus there. There was only one and it wasn’t real, but it was super funny how we found him. We hijacked a reserved table at Oktoberfest after our reservation ended. We claimed the table ours and everybody wanted to sit with us, because we only had 4 and the table fit 10! One very nice group of four people, 1 German and 3 Americans from Arizona asked to sit with us. They seemed nice and the one woman was so grateful and happy we would share she offered a gift. Apparently, she imports and resales jewelery and she gave me this crazy Swarovski crystal octopus ring. I have no idea when I might wear it again, but the thing is ridiculously awesome. Which brings us back to this multicolored  octopus on today’s card. The octopus is a little wrapped shape as the ring, so I just drew a normal one all sparkly and such. Hope you are enjoying my silly memories and random content right now.

“Ich liebe dich” is German for I Love You.
If you have been to Oktoberfest or have seen any of the traditional goods from the festivities, these fun cookies are everywhere! They come in all sizes and usually are worn around the neck. Our friends said usually you buy your lady or wife a cookie to show you care. My fiance got me one, but in small form made of felt. Yes felt! It lasts a lot longer, decorated in puff paint and is a cute necklace that I wore while there. It is very fun and a great thing to have to remember the ridiculous that is Oktoberfest and how much he loves me.


Whoaaa! I am finally getting caught up with life. There is so much going since I have returned vacation. Not only is there a lot going on at work, but now a lot going on with life too…

I got engaged while on vacation in Lake Como, Italy! Our whole vacation we spent most of our time in lovely Bavaria aka southern Germany. Big rolling grassy hills, very tasty beer, even tastier food and great friends. We took a little break from the festivities in Bavaria and ventured to Austria, Switzerland and Italy. There is lots to tell about the trip and I am going to share some of it through Wandering Poste. So sit back, check back regularly and enjoy my trip via postcards!

I wanted to start with something that I couldn’t stop talking about leading up to the trip and the whole time while in Germany… PRETZELS! I am absolutely obsessed with  the soft, warm, and chewy pretzels the size of your head. I drew them much smaller, but note these aren’t your American hard baked pretzels in a bag. I just drew them small to show how many I ate and how much I love them. I probably didn’t eat as many as I have drawn here, but damn near close. Enjoy and I encourage you to get yourself one of these salty tasty goodies!

Today is the day. The last day of postcards until after europe! All I can think about is vacation at this point. It has been very hard to stay focused in the last 48 hours, but it ended up being productive. All the guest artist posts are scheduled and ready. Hopefully, I will have time tonight when I get to my parents house to schedule some tweets! If not though, I hope you continue to check back and share with your friends while I am away.

I will be off to the airport tomorrow waiting for the awesome A380 to take me to Munich, but check back then for info about the guest artist portion of Wandeirng Poste. There might even be a schedule of who’s work you will find here and when it will appear!

Toodles! It’s all automated from here on out.


Only two more days of my postcards. Don’t worry if you are just tuning in I will be back. I am just taking a little vacation time for the first time in years. We aren’t talking a long weekend. We are talking long extended two week European extravaganza. It still hasn’t hit me and I feel like I can’t take a deep breath and realize I am going on vacation with all the work still to do. My day job is busy. My side work is busy. Oh and I still have a little work to do here. Did I mentioned I haven’t packed?

Anyways enjoy the new site and you can find everything about Wandering Poste here. I consider it more organzied, but if you have suggestions how you would like sort the postcards or anything… let me know and leave a comment! Thanks!