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Today is the last Guest Artist!

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I am sad to see the Guest Artist postcards come to a close, but it ends with one of my favorites! I might have a slightly a biased opinion, but I had a big smile on my face when I got Varick Rosete’s addition to the project. Throughout the whole project everyone’s postcards have surprised me, but I think my boyfriend was the most surprised when he got the mail and found this. He called me immediately to aske if I have met Varick in person. I responded no and then was asked, “How does he know what you look like?!?!” I could only laugh and couldn’t wait to get home to see the card.

It is true I haven’t met Varick. The lovely Thy Doan hooked me up with him (another AIGA connection and hopefully new friend) when I had told her about the project. I am so glad that like Thy, Varick was up for drawing a postcard. I have no confirmation that the illustration really is me, but if you check out my twitter picture and compare…. seems pretty similar to me! Thanks so much Varick and I hope to run into you next week at AIGA’s PIVOT in Phoenix, AZ.

Guest Artist: Varick Rosete
Designed and Mailed from: Atlantic Beach, FL
Follow: @varick

Ring, ring…. it’s Danny!
Danny is one of my really good friends. I met him while at Cal Poly. We have very similar taste in design and became instant friends and I am pretty sure it will last forever! I giggled a little when I got Danny’s postcard, because we rarely talk on the phone. Which is what came to mind first. We used to live together and see each other regularly before that, but now that I live in Truckee and he Pleasanton until a move to San Francisco, we are chat a lot via text message and iChat. It’s the modern way. It may seem like an impersonal form of communication to some, but I always know just how it would sound if I were really talking with him in person. Anyways, hope you enjoy Danny’s postcard check it out below!

Guest Artist: Daniel Triassi
Designed and Mailed from: Pleasanton, CA
Follow: @dannytree

Words from Danny:

“You can’t frame a phone call,” may seem like a silly phrase. 

Recently, I was watching an episode of Mad Men which was the inspiration behind my postcard. In the scene, two copy writers, Peggy and Paul, are pitching ideas to their creative director, Don Draper, for a telegram campaign. They talk to Don about the impersonal and fleeting nature of a telephone call compared to a telegram. Phone calls happen everyday. When your friend or family member gets married, a new apartment, a new job or any number of events happen it is common course to just give them a call (or in todays age an email). You call someone, you hang up, and it’s gone. Poof! It’s different with a telegram because written correspondence is permanent. And to me that is what makes mail special, because it can last forever, captured in time like a family photo or souvenir. In my opinion, this is the basis of Amanda’s Wandering Poste project: creating lasting memories with a personal touch. Ultimately, you can frame a postcard, but you can’t frame a phone call. Take the extra effort to make it memorable.

Just a few more guest artists left! Only three acutally including today’s. I will be back, drawing up a storm starting Thursday to round out the week.

Kicking of the week is Katie Sinclair from Memphis. I was super excited to have Katie draw a postcard. Like some of the other artists, I have never met Katie in person. We found each other via Twitter after both of us applied for AIGA’s Command X competition. Sadly, neither of us made the cut (BOOOO), but we found each other and maybe cross paths someday. Check out Katie’s postcard below, the mail man beat it up a bit in the top corner, but her hand painted postcard survived the mail system beautifully!

Guest Artist: Katie Sinclair
Designed and Mailed from: Memphis, TN
Follow: @sinclairkate

Words from Katie:

The quote is, “Reach for the stars because stars don’t have arms and they can’t reach for you.” I first heard this while Zach Galifianakis was hosting SNL. It’s a funny saying but there’s a lot of truth in it too. I try to remember that if I want something to happen, it’s up to me to make it happen.

The type on the back of the card reinforces that idea. The image side of the postcard is hand painted with watercolor and acrylic.

Brianna is rounding out the week! Her and I became friends via her twin sister Brittany. (Sorry girls I outed you on the same last name thing.) I have loved getting to know Brianna over the years through our long distance relationship. We keep in touch and say hello when I am in my hometown, but rarely are we in the same place. First it was her being all smart and going to grad school in London or traveling after that. Now it’s me living 3 hours away, but some how we always make sure to say hello. Sometimes over a trip to the brow bar. Back to the present though, she mentioned to be the other day about wishing she had some background in graphic design which is why she was put up to this challenge. Her perspective is super fun and one that I have only managed to capture once. Enjoy her close up!

Guest Artist: Brianna Hanson
Designed and Mailed from: Santa Rosa, CA
Follow: @briannahanson

Words from Brianna:

My husband and I currently live in a gorgeous one-bedroom cottage on his family property. There’s 30-ish acres and his mother’s full-time job has been making it look beautiful – and boy has she succeeded! This post card is inspired by the late summer blooms I see from every window and door of our little house. Every inch of this property is covered in gorgeous flowers and plush greens, as well as a veggie garden and an avocado tree. This is a temporary landing point for the two of us – my husband is in the air force and through his training I will stay here while I apply to PhD programs – and even though I can often get restless from living at my in-laws and the state of impermanence my life is, this wandering poste is to remind me to literally stop and smell the roses. We may never live somewhere so beautiful again, and I should enjoy every second of it while I can.

So… technically I am back! However there are still a few guest artist’s, because I had so much interest and I am still working on turing all my european inspiration into some fabulous postcards. 

Meet Matt! Matt and I met when he and others interviewed me for my current job at Tahoe Donner. I guess you could say it all went well, because I got the job and now I work with Matt, slash we are friends! He and I have always discussed working on side projects, freelance work, slashing the pow you name it. Of those we have always encouraged each other for going after what we want down the road.

Guest Artist: Matt Chappell
Designed and Mailed from: Truckee, CA
Follow: @chappawitz

Words from Matt:

Around every corner lies an opportunity even though the road ahead may not be as smooth as you hope. It’s said that the journey you lead, the lessons you learn, and the relationships you create on your way matter most. The saying “El camino es dificil pero no imposible” simply says that the road ahead is difficult, but not impossible. There are signs scattering paths to some of the highest peaks in South America that say just this and to me imply that it can be done – whatever it is…

When executing this simple phrase I fought off the sharp edge of the pen and the pixel and tried to execute something textural, weathered, rough and experienced as if it existed out in the elements of nature with only water colors.