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Oh hello! Did you miss me? I apologize for the disappearing act, but last week kicked my butt and was quite possibly the worst week in a very long time. In all seriousness… I am trying not to be dramatic, but I am the only designer working in my office currently as we work toward hiring a new person and the work has piled up. I feel like Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout with work, not garbage.

Just when I tried to get my act together I went to grab my camera yesterday morning, which I stupidly left in my freezing cold car… no worky! It got so cold the shutter didn’t work and the lens didn’t want to warm up to de-fog! So, a day late and a dollar short, I am back on track with a little pumpkin-y Halloween spirit! Enjoy!

A little lake time!

During the holiday, I finally took my first dip into Donner Lake. It is still quite cold, but at the same time very refreshing. Bogie, Chris and I took a little swim along with my friend Kelly. Sat on a dock too and then went paddle boarding. It was a great way to spend the afternoon on the 4th and now it truly feels like summer!


I believe it is a tradition now with Chris and I to play some croquet around the 4th of July. Although, it tends to get out of had and balls are roqueted very far from the typical playing field. They usually end up on the other side of a fence, under a deck, etc. it is still very very fun!


Happy Father’s Day!

Hopefully, you didn’t forget your father and already mailed your card… or you at least sent a digital version like me. Sorry Dad, I will put it in the mail tomorrow and you should have it Monday. A day late, but totally worth the wait!

My dad is always flying remote control airplanes and helicopters, so this is my tribute to his hobby. I have always wanted to learn, so this is me pretending I know how. I just have never had the time to give it a shot, also I am just super scared I would break it! I always had a knack for breaking things when I was younger when hanging out with my dad… slot cars, remote control monster trucks, kites, you name it I probably broke it. It then turned into my dad fixing my toy and my playing with his, woops!

Anyways, thanks for being there for me Dad and always fixing what I break!
Love you!