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I had a wicked dream and couldn’t shake it. I think it is due to the endless pile of work I have been building up. All my brain keeps thinking about is the fact that everything is spiraling out of control.

No idea what I was thinking for today’s card. The last couple days have been a bit crazy and the next couple weeks will be even crazier in my work world. So many projects, so little time. They are just projects though and it hopefully will be over soon, hopefully, so “Whatever!”


Finish what you start…

Yeah I am working on that! Today, finally after a little too long I am letting go. The first 28 postcards, minus 3 I think (being kept for the personal collection because they are sentimental) have been numbered, dated, signed and have been dropped in the mail box! It only took me forever. So today I begin to finish what I have started. I have had troubles with my scanner, but I am going to tackle that tonight. Then hopefully I can send out 29 – 45 by the end of the week if I am lucky! Cross your fingers, it might just happen!

IMPORTANT: If for some reason you have moved. Please update your address. I would hate to send a beautiful postcard to nowhere.


Mom had sent me a quote the other day.

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
—Brigitte Gabriel

Well, I kept thinking about it all weekend, so it become today’s postcard. I really liked the quote, because it really makes you realize that your attitude and thoughts will become who you are. Negative thoughts will come out eventually if you aren’t careful… so the best thing to do is to be positive. Keep a smile on your face and think happy thoughts. Life is to short to be a grumpy and nobody likes a mean person either.


Ice Cream!

Ok, honestly, I have been trying to eat a lot better, which means less ice cream. Pretty much none actually, among other things. With this warm weather and a very very hot office without air conditioning, I just think of popsicles/ice cream in the late afternoon. I have been good, except for that cookie yesterday, woops! Anyways, last night all I could think of was ice cream, especially after the waiter at dinner asked if we wanted ice cream for dessert! Blarg… go eat some ice cream for me.

Oh, as for the drawing… I am trying out a new perspective. Not sure how I feel about it, and looking at it more, it kinda looks like her arm is on backwards. All things to learn from.