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Westward Bound!

Exactly ninety days ago my co-worker, Amanda, yes there are two of us, started her job here at Tahoe Donner. She came from the other side of the country! She now lives here in Truckee, CA aka the wild wild west after moving from upstate New York. She packed up her newly purchased Subi with rocket box, stuffed it to the gills, which leaving the front seat open for her co-pilot Henry (her dog) and set off to settle into a very epic ski year!

Today’s postcard is to celebrate Amanda surviving ninety days of a new job, new place and now to onward to enjoying the fabulous California lifestyle. Oh and also putting up with me on the other side of her computer. All and all I am glad Amanda is here, to girl talk, hang out, be a work buddy, etc…

Hope you enjoying your new adventure and go A-Team!