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I had a wicked dream and couldn’t shake it. I think it is due to the endless pile of work I have been building up. All my brain keeps thinking about is the fact that everything is spiraling out of control.

I am sure you are wondering, um… she said she was going to share things from her Germany trip? Yeah well there were octopus there. There was only one and it wasn’t real, but it was super funny how we found him. We hijacked a reserved table at Oktoberfest after our reservation ended. We claimed the table ours and everybody wanted to sit with us, because we only had 4 and the table fit 10! One very nice group of four people, 1 German and 3 Americans from Arizona asked to sit with us. They seemed nice and the one woman was so grateful and happy we would share she offered a gift. Apparently, she imports and resales jewelery and she gave me this crazy Swarovski crystal octopus ring. I have no idea when I might wear it again, but the thing is ridiculously awesome. Which brings us back to this multicolored  octopus on today’s card. The octopus is a little wrapped shape as the ring, so I just drew a normal one all sparkly and such. Hope you are enjoying my silly memories and random content right now.

“Ich liebe dich” is German for I Love You.
If you have been to Oktoberfest or have seen any of the traditional goods from the festivities, these fun cookies are everywhere! They come in all sizes and usually are worn around the neck. Our friends said usually you buy your lady or wife a cookie to show you care. My fiance got me one, but in small form made of felt. Yes felt! It lasts a lot longer, decorated in puff paint and is a cute necklace that I wore while there. It is very fun and a great thing to have to remember the ridiculous that is Oktoberfest and how much he loves me.


I am back, well rested, but very very busy with work and life! I’ll catch you up on the life part tomorrow and work is work. 

I was going to start my first day back in action with some vacation inspired postcards, but yesterday something happened. Sadly, Apple announced that Steve Jobs had passed away. Don’t think I’m being a band wagoner on this one, because I am not. I worked in Apple Retail for 4 years and I truly cherish my time there, (even more so now) which was all possible because of Steve Jobs. I never met him person, but did pass by him a few times while visiting “The Mothership” for training.  Even though I never met him, in many ways he got me where I am. My experience with Apple products, due to being an employee there helped me to  get a few of my first jobs. It also helped me grow as a person. I became more comfortable teaching technology and programs during OneToOne appointments. Most of all my personality flourished, making lots of new friends, being comfortable talking to almost anyone and enjoying sharing my knowledge/experience with others.  I became the ultimate promoter and part of the Apple family. The biggest take away, which was pointed out by a close friend yesterday was that I wouldn’t have many of my friends if it weren’t for Apple and Steve. When you work for Apple you become part of the Apple family in my case the Santa Rosa Plaza and Higuera Street family. I have many close friends that I never would have met if it wasn’t for my time working there. I may not see them everyday or talk often, but we have a bond like no other from working together. I have so many good memories for my time with everyone. Lots of funny ones too, as well as crazy ones like working insane black Friday’s and working till midnight on Christmas Eve one year.

Getting today’s postcard… It reads, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs.
It is one of my favorite quotes and I acutally thought about it when I started this project back in June. I wanted something that kept my mind working and inspiration flowing, but I wanted something fun to share with everyone. I will always love this quote and embrace it’s meaning to help me strive for great things, but still to have fun! I kept it clean and simple. I hope you enjoy and sorry to be a little sappy today.


Brianna is rounding out the week! Her and I became friends via her twin sister Brittany. (Sorry girls I outed you on the same last name thing.) I have loved getting to know Brianna over the years through our long distance relationship. We keep in touch and say hello when I am in my hometown, but rarely are we in the same place. First it was her being all smart and going to grad school in London or traveling after that. Now it’s me living 3 hours away, but some how we always make sure to say hello. Sometimes over a trip to the brow bar. Back to the present though, she mentioned to be the other day about wishing she had some background in graphic design which is why she was put up to this challenge. Her perspective is super fun and one that I have only managed to capture once. Enjoy her close up!

Guest Artist: Brianna Hanson
Designed and Mailed from: Santa Rosa, CA
Follow: @briannahanson

Words from Brianna:

My husband and I currently live in a gorgeous one-bedroom cottage on his family property. There’s 30-ish acres and his mother’s full-time job has been making it look beautiful – and boy has she succeeded! This post card is inspired by the late summer blooms I see from every window and door of our little house. Every inch of this property is covered in gorgeous flowers and plush greens, as well as a veggie garden and an avocado tree. This is a temporary landing point for the two of us – my husband is in the air force and through his training I will stay here while I apply to PhD programs – and even though I can often get restless from living at my in-laws and the state of impermanence my life is, this wandering poste is to remind me to literally stop and smell the roses. We may never live somewhere so beautiful again, and I should enjoy every second of it while I can.