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Whoaaa! I am finally getting caught up with life. There is so much going since I have returned vacation. Not only is there a lot going on at work, but now a lot going on with life too…

I got engaged while on vacation in Lake Como, Italy! Our whole vacation we spent most of our time in lovely Bavaria aka southern Germany. Big rolling grassy hills, very tasty beer, even tastier food and great friends. We took a little break from the festivities in Bavaria and ventured to Austria, Switzerland and Italy. There is lots to tell about the trip and I am going to share some of it through Wandering Poste. So sit back, check back regularly and enjoy my trip via postcards!

I wanted to start with something that I couldn’t stop talking about leading up to the trip and the whole time while in Germany… PRETZELS! I am absolutely obsessed with  the soft, warm, and chewy pretzels the size of your head. I drew them much smaller, but note these aren’t your American hard baked pretzels in a bag. I just drew them small to show how many I ate and how much I love them. I probably didn’t eat as many as I have drawn here, but damn near close. Enjoy and I encourage you to get yourself one of these salty tasty goodies!

Greetings from San Diego via Halleh Abedi! Halleh and I actually go way back. We discovered during our design education, that we had crossed paths in high school. Pretty crazy since our schools were about four hours apart! We had played an epic game of soccer in during NCS playoffs our freshman year. It was great fun to chat about the game and we seemed to have an instant bond. We are both now very far from each other, Halleh in sunny San Diego and myself in the mountains of Tahoe, but we tend to say hello here and there. I was delighted to have her draw a postcard and even more so when I got her whimsical illustration. See below!


Guest Artist: Halleh Abedi
Designed and Mailed from: Cardiff by the Sea (San Diego), CA
Follow: @sunshineNdesign

Words from Halleh:

When I was asked to be a guest artist for Wandering Poste I was extremely flattered and very excited. What a fun opportunity to connect with other designers, artists, and people of our industry. Miss Wallace has done an incredible job with this project and including guest artists adds a whole new dimension of fun and surprise.

Despite my excitement, picking a subject to illustrate wasn’t easy. When the possibilities are endless, where do you start? After trashing several ideas, moving past the obvious and back around again, I found my pen gravitating towards the paper and just simply wandering. After minutes of spacing out in my drawing trance, i stepped back from my paper and realized that not only i had a great start to something fun, conceptually it fit. What better way to celebrate a Wandering Poste than the illustration that captured my wandering mind? So, enjoying my quiet Saturday morning, my cinnamon coffee, and my wandering thoughts, I continued to allow my mind, pen, and watercolors do their thing, in the traveling nature of the cards themselves.


Kelly Wallis, not to be confused with Wallace, which is my last name is a new designer/friend from Reno. Quick funny story, I was talking about Kelly one day to a fellow AIGA member and couldn’t remember her last name… ummmm hello, not sure how I forgot! We have the same last name just spelled differently. Just silly. Anyways, I met Kelly after getting involved with the AIGA Reno | Tahoe chapter. We have become great friends and hopefully we will bust out all the fabulous projects we have planned when I return. Watch out for the Wallace and Wallis duo at the AIGA National Conference!

Guest Artist: Kelly Wallis
Designed and Mailed from: Reno, NV
Follow: @iamkellyw

The day before the mailing due date for the guest artist postcards I had seen Kelly and she promised she was touching it up and dropping it in the mail. A day later I got a postcard from Kelly from Stumptown Coffee with a sad note saying her cat had knocked over things and her original postcard had been submerged in a puddle of water. (I never got to see the first card.) Due to what happened, Kelly explained she took the safe route. However, I don’t think so at all. She said, “I found it to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing, separating the color and each line put me to peace!” Not a bad thing for a postcard. Sometimes the simple things are he best for you.

Stripes! Zebra stripes? Just a pattern?

I was just having some fun last night. I created a grid a couple nights ago for an experiment and finally put it to use. The idea was just to create a fun pattern, which then turned into a funky zebra stripe pattern. Just a little break from typography. Although, it might be time to start playing with patterns a little more.

PS – Thought of this after finishing last night:  Fruit Stripe Gum


Ok ladies and gentleman, I have caught up!

Completely caught up! I felt the pull of being persistent in my lack of card production. I felt like I had failed a little, not keeping up wasn’t what I had planned and although it was a holiday I wanted to keep my promise to you and myself. So with that “Persistence is the Key!” I acutally got the word after reading a post from @DisneyPixar and I thought the word was very fitting for today’s card. They used it just as to persist: continue firmly or obstinately in an opinion or a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure.

So that is what I did… I continued on, fought through the failure/lack of motivation over the holiday and brought the heat! 3 new cards today, you’re welcome!