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The theme of last weeks conference was PIVOT. Everyone had there use of the word and explained possible ways to pivot, but my favorite definition of the word was to “extend your reach.” Yes, we think of pivoting as a basketball maneuver sometimes and many think of it as a way to move a new direction, but it is also a way to extend yourself from one location. I love the idea of the saying and the encouragement we were given to find ways to reach out in new ways. The conference was full of thoughts on how to change your way of thinking, finding new solutions and thinking of design in a new light. All great things. However, my one take a way is apply those ideas of change and new directions, but also to never forget who you are and who you want to become. It doesn’t matter where you live… maybe its a island, maybe a big city or on a mountain… learn how to extend your reach from where you want to be!

I am back, well rested, but very very busy with work and life! I’ll catch you up on the life part tomorrow and work is work. 

I was going to start my first day back in action with some vacation inspired postcards, but yesterday something happened. Sadly, Apple announced that Steve Jobs had passed away. Don’t think I’m being a band wagoner on this one, because I am not. I worked in Apple Retail for 4 years and I truly cherish my time there, (even more so now) which was all possible because of Steve Jobs. I never met him person, but did pass by him a few times while visiting “The Mothership” for training.  Even though I never met him, in many ways he got me where I am. My experience with Apple products, due to being an employee there helped me to  get a few of my first jobs. It also helped me grow as a person. I became more comfortable teaching technology and programs during OneToOne appointments. Most of all my personality flourished, making lots of new friends, being comfortable talking to almost anyone and enjoying sharing my knowledge/experience with others.  I became the ultimate promoter and part of the Apple family. The biggest take away, which was pointed out by a close friend yesterday was that I wouldn’t have many of my friends if it weren’t for Apple and Steve. When you work for Apple you become part of the Apple family in my case the Santa Rosa Plaza and Higuera Street family. I have many close friends that I never would have met if it wasn’t for my time working there. I may not see them everyday or talk often, but we have a bond like no other from working together. I have so many good memories for my time with everyone. Lots of funny ones too, as well as crazy ones like working insane black Friday’s and working till midnight on Christmas Eve one year.

Getting today’s postcard… It reads, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs.
It is one of my favorite quotes and I acutally thought about it when I started this project back in June. I wanted something that kept my mind working and inspiration flowing, but I wanted something fun to share with everyone. I will always love this quote and embrace it’s meaning to help me strive for great things, but still to have fun! I kept it clean and simple. I hope you enjoy and sorry to be a little sappy today.


Ring, ring…. it’s Danny!
Danny is one of my really good friends. I met him while at Cal Poly. We have very similar taste in design and became instant friends and I am pretty sure it will last forever! I giggled a little when I got Danny’s postcard, because we rarely talk on the phone. Which is what came to mind first. We used to live together and see each other regularly before that, but now that I live in Truckee and he Pleasanton until a move to San Francisco, we are chat a lot via text message and iChat. It’s the modern way. It may seem like an impersonal form of communication to some, but I always know just how it would sound if I were really talking with him in person. Anyways, hope you enjoy Danny’s postcard check it out below!

Guest Artist: Daniel Triassi
Designed and Mailed from: Pleasanton, CA
Follow: @dannytree

Words from Danny:

“You can’t frame a phone call,” may seem like a silly phrase. 

Recently, I was watching an episode of Mad Men which was the inspiration behind my postcard. In the scene, two copy writers, Peggy and Paul, are pitching ideas to their creative director, Don Draper, for a telegram campaign. They talk to Don about the impersonal and fleeting nature of a telephone call compared to a telegram. Phone calls happen everyday. When your friend or family member gets married, a new apartment, a new job or any number of events happen it is common course to just give them a call (or in todays age an email). You call someone, you hang up, and it’s gone. Poof! It’s different with a telegram because written correspondence is permanent. And to me that is what makes mail special, because it can last forever, captured in time like a family photo or souvenir. In my opinion, this is the basis of Amanda’s Wandering Poste project: creating lasting memories with a personal touch. Ultimately, you can frame a postcard, but you can’t frame a phone call. Take the extra effort to make it memorable.

Thy rocked it out with her postcard. Maybe you can figure out what I mean once you take a look. Thy and I met back in the days of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She and a few others got me interested in being a part of AIGA. We worked together there, but the time was short because Thy went on to graduate and move on. I hadn’t seen her since then, but last year I tracked her down in Salt Lake City while on a ski adventure. There was no epic pow pow, only some awesome rain, but Thy and SLC treated well. We got to catch up, drink some beer and I have been following her daily doodles ever since! I highly recommend you check out her work, she has done some awesome illustration/type work for Whole Foods, SLC Bites, and Bordobello.

Guest Artist: Thy Doan
Designed and Mailed from: Salt Lake City, UT
Follow: @thy_doan

Did you recognize the lyrics Thy illustrated? The words are from The Beatles song, The End.


Today’s post comes from Samantha Wanger of Canada. Like Karen, Samantha is someone I have never met, however we say hello often via twitter. I was very excited when Samantha same she would be a guest artist, because she was my first international address! Yup that’s right… this project has gone international and I now have many others to send postcards to since then. Getting back to it though, Sam is a self described twenty-something graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She bakes, she exercises, she creates and spends some time around the inter-webs. Most importantly she has created an awesome yellow postcard that made it’s way to Truckee, CA from Vancouver, Canada.

Guest Artist: Samantha Wanger
Designed and Mailed from: Vancouver, Canada
Follow: @sammade

From Samantha, “this postcard is a quote from a really amazing politician in Canada who passed away recently. The quote is taken from his final letter to Canadians. – Jack Layton 1950-2011″