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Thy rocked it out with her postcard. Maybe you can figure out what I mean once you take a look. Thy and I met back in the days of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She and a few others got me interested in being a part of AIGA. We worked together there, but the time was short because Thy went on to graduate and move on. I hadn’t seen her since then, but last year I tracked her down in Salt Lake City while on a ski adventure. There was no epic pow pow, only some awesome rain, but Thy and SLC treated well. We got to catch up, drink some beer and I have been following her daily doodles ever since! I highly recommend you check out her work, she has done some awesome illustration/type work for Whole Foods, SLC Bites, and Bordobello.

Guest Artist: Thy Doan
Designed and Mailed from: Salt Lake City, UT
Follow: @thy_doan

Did you recognize the lyrics Thy illustrated? The words are from The Beatles song, The End.


September first begins my count down to vacation and to guest artist posts!

I leave September 15, so September 14 will be my last post for two weeks and all of my fabulous friends new and old will be filling in for me. I need to visit my mail box this afternoon and I am hoping the first few postcards are in there. I have yet to see one other than the few snippets that have appeared on dribbble. I would point you in their direction, but that would just ruin the fun for you!

I can’t wait to share the postcards just as much as I can’t wait for a well deserved vacation to Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I am already anticipating many beer, castle and lake themed postcards when I return. Oh and maybe a pretzel in there too! So for now, I will keep asking the question…. are we there yet!


The answer is always NOW!

Seize the day or the year in my case. This was the year I chose to try and make something happen for myself. We aren’t talking about trying to become famous or anything, but at least get cranking and focus on where I want to go with design. I can’t tell you my master plan, but I have definitely been working towards being more productive (this project is part of it) as well as planning for where I want to be down the road.

So I dare you all not to say when and focus on doing something now!
Stay hungry, stay foolish and work hard. Go!


Pretty obvious don’t you think?

Today’s card is something I always try say to myself even on the good days. It’s always better to be positive, because usually good things come from it. I can’t make promises, but happy/positive people are always the best to interact with.

So… think happy thoughts and have a great day. It’s almost Friday which means weekend, relaxation and adventure!


I really like this saying… however it might be time for me to stop with the sayings!

Will see if it happens. I am currently feeling like I am vomiting fluffy clouds, flowers and hugging to many teddy bears. I have been working towards a positive out look on certain situations, which is where these cards are currently coming from. I can’t really help it. Sorry. I just can’t seem to help myself though. I am just trying to help you readers, possibly produce some smiles and it is also a constant reminder to push myself to keep working hard. Something I hope you are doing too!

Anyways, if you feel I am starting to get out control with the motivational postcardn’, please let me know. If you don’t speak up, I will keep producing “the honey to the aspiring designers’ soul.”
(via @mizManzanita)