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So… technically I am back! However there are still a few guest artist’s, because I had so much interest and I am still working on turing all my european inspiration into some fabulous postcards. 

Meet Matt! Matt and I met when he and others interviewed me for my current job at Tahoe Donner. I guess you could say it all went well, because I got the job and now I work with Matt, slash we are friends! He and I have always discussed working on side projects, freelance work, slashing the pow you name it. Of those we have always encouraged each other for going after what we want down the road.

Guest Artist: Matt Chappell
Designed and Mailed from: Truckee, CA
Follow: @chappawitz

Words from Matt:

Around every corner lies an opportunity even though the road ahead may not be as smooth as you hope. It’s said that the journey you lead, the lessons you learn, and the relationships you create on your way matter most. The saying “El camino es dificil pero no imposible” simply says that the road ahead is difficult, but not impossible. There are signs scattering paths to some of the highest peaks in South America that say just this and to me imply that it can be done – whatever it is…

When executing this simple phrase I fought off the sharp edge of the pen and the pixel and tried to execute something textural, weathered, rough and experienced as if it existed out in the elements of nature with only water colors.

It’s the simple things.

The weather was beautiful again yesterday, (I would shut up about it, but I just went through almost 7 months of winter) so I met Chris after work for a picnic dinner at Donner Lake. The water level is very high currently due to snow melt. You can dangle your feet right into the water which never was possible last year at this time. The lake is still cold, but not too bad, you won’t me swimming in it though any time soon. Doesn’t matter though, I will still be enjoying the lake, the mountains, the weather here… all of it. I am just happy with it here and the people I am with.

I will try and stop being so sentimental moving forward! I think it is time to try and pump up the volume and bust out some type, characters or something. You will just have to wait and see.


Climbing: a shout out to Remy Denton

Today is kind of a bummer… Chris’ good friend, Remy, who I consider a good friend too since I met him in December of 2009, is moving away to Boston! He has a new adventure ahead of him and getting to see his fabulous girl friend Ro everyday is a major plus. The terrain will be much different, no more mountains only 5 min away (as far as I know) and of course the biggest difference is we won’t have Remy around time climb with. This winter was rough, making summer come very late which didn’t help anyone climb often before Remy’s departure. I wish Remy the best and I know Chris does too, but we both can’t wait for Remy and Ro to meet up with us in Tuolumne in the August to climb Cathedral Peak.

Good luck and safe travels, Digger Dog, Remy Denton… oh and Uncle Remus.


It’s almost Vespa weather!

Funny how on Sunday and Monday it was raining, Tuesday it was slightly nicer and now you would think Summer is trying to show up. What a concept weather! With this nicer weather (still I am not convinced it’s done snowing) all I can think about is putting on my helmet and zipping around on my little blue Vespa! Hey, Karina and Evan get up here with your Vespas so we can take a ride around Lake Tahoe!

Hope everyone is experiencing warmer weather and maybe this is the end to my first real snowy Winter. FYI: We got roughly 800 inches! Let’s just say it was a good year!