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Summer is canceled!

Oh you didn’t know? Well, at least where I live it seems as though summer will never be here. It snowed the last two days and over the previous weekend it dumped a foot of fresh snow for the last day of the ski season at Squaw Valley. It was 28 degrees at 7 a.m. today, which doesn’t make me think I will be rocking shorts or swimming in Donner Lake anytime soon.

Anyways enough of my lack of summer problems. I have to say this project is making me really excited and I am trying to have the most fun possible! Thank you to everyone who is reading and following the project. The emails containing your addresses are trickling in! All I can think about now is all the stamps I have to buy. Eeek! Don’t worry though the project moves forward no matter how much participation I get… So don’t for get to send me your address if you haven’t.

Check back Monday for the next postcard.